Who we are

What we are all about.

Our Values

Simplicity in everything

We search for the simple, unobtrusive and frictionless solution.

Deliver the best, be the best

We take pride in everything we do, we get stuck in, we share and learn together, we drive things forwards bringing our expertise to the table.

Find the real reason and make it count

We obsess over aligning your business with a user’s experience. If it doesn’t feel right, we challenge it!

Straight to the point

We’re real, we’re honest, we focus on the output and avoid noise and vanity.


Dan Beck


Harry Seymour


The group

DLVD are proud to be part of the E2X Group, a leading retail focused solution specialist.

10 global offices

20 years in business

300 multi-skilled people

100+ deployments

An E2X Group Company